With the myriad of options out there for stabilization, electronic gimbals are probably the most sought after for video production. Everytime I balance a new configuration, I keep a running log of all settings, so I can quickly dial in a setting when I’m asking to be a steadicam op for a production.

In this case I had a Red Epic balanced on a Ronin-M. The Red Pro 5.0 was mounted on DJI’s Ronin Ring, with the entire rig balanced on a Tilta Steadicam Vest via a GyroVU post arm adapter. I usually keep a folder on my phone with a bunch of various setups and balance positions for easy reference on the job. Here are my settings for this particular Red configuration.

I also have similar reference setups for my other gimbals like the Sony A9 balanced on a ZhiYun Crane 2 with various different lenses.

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